The Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir is an autonomous and independent institution linked to Nidarosdomen. Our aim is to:

• Promote good church music
• Provide members insight into church music, culture and liturgical life
• Promote good behavior and fellowship among our members
• Have a strong foundation at Nidarosdomen through participation in religious services as well as other church affairs and concerts
• Through training, to keep the artistic quality at a high international level, so the choir can represent Nidarosdomen, Trondheim and Norway in a good way.
• Work to ensure that the choir has a solid and future oriented economy that ensures a healthy operation and a good basis for artistic development

Conductor / artistic director / manager:
Bjørn Moe – Telephone: 73 59 73 06 – E-mail

Administration/ producer:
Mona Grande Lund – Telephone: 958 71 768 – E-mail


Chairman: Jan-Gunnar Heglund
Board Member: Ragnhild Jepsen –deputy chairman,representative from the parish of Nidarosdomen
(Substitute Lars Meland)
Board Member: Bjørn Moe – artistic director / manager
Board Member: Bente Sollie
Board Member: Eirik Larsen
Board Member: Mette Vestli – representative from the families of boys voices
Board member Ola Håkon Sivertsen – representative from the families of the male voices
(Substitute Johannes Köpple)